Hanna’s Chapel of Miracles
7075 Valmont Road

Boulder, Colorado  80301



Gisela Kroeger Hoffman, Senior Minister
Gisela Hoffman, MinisterShortly after her mother, Hanna Kroeger, passed on May 7, 1998, Gisela began to have numerous spiritual messages about carrying on her mother’s work.  At first she resisted the messages, but finally relented, quit her database administrative job in Connecticut, and moved to Boulder to learn her mother’s work and to serve God. This would be her third (and final) career.  She had been a college professor of mathematics for many years, followed by a career in database design, before she became a healer, minister, teacher, and administrator of Hanna’s enterprises.  Gisela’s dedication in carrying on her mother’s work is both an honor and a blessing to the world.  In the classroom the atmosphere is both fun and loving as she teaches, demonstrates, and shares her personal life experiences as the daughter of her legendary mother.

As minister of the Chapel of Miracles, Gisela’s sermons are profound in many ways as she combines science, metaphysical prophecy, and biblical understanding.  She fills your heart with loving messages to trust and hope.  Gisela is a heavenly star that radiates bright light, infectious laughter, and generous warm hugs throughout Peaceful Meadow Retreat.

Come and experience a true deliverance of Hanna’s teachings.


Rebecca Kidd
Coming soon

The Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization have opened their doors to those interested in becoming a Medicine Man or Medicine Woman under the Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete. Peaceful Meadow Retreat is proudly participating in this sacred fellowship.

All meetings in 2012 are on the second Sunday of each month at 11:45 am unless noted otherwise:

  • November 6, 2011 Share your permaculture project for your back yard
  • December – HOLIDAY BREAK
  • January xx  What did Native Americans need in their daily lives – Larry Rittenhouse
  • February xx 2012 Drumming and Chanting Meditation

For inquiries or to request an application, please contact Gisela Hoffman at Peaceful Meadow Retreat, 1-800-974-7428 or 303-442-2490 or by email at